Style (Auto-accompaniment) Functions
Owner’s Manual 77
1Press the [STYLE] button and then
select a style.
2Press the [ACMP ON/OFF] button to
turn auto accompaniment on.
3Press the [SYNC START] button to turn
synchro start on.
4Press the [MAIN/AUTO FILL] button.
5Press the [INTRO/ENDING/rit.] button.
You’re now ready to play the intro.
6As soon as you play a chord with your
left hand, the Intro of the selected Style
For this example, play a C major chord (as shown
below). For information on how to enter chords,
see “Chords” on page 27.
Synchro Start
When the synchro start standby mode is
engaged, style playback will begin as soon as
you play a chord in the accompaniment range
of the keyboard. You can disengage the syn-
chro-start standby mode by pressing the
[SYNC START] button again.
Appears when auto
accompaniment is on.
The indicator will flash when
the synchro start standby
mode will be engaged.
The name of the selected section—
MAIN A or MAIN B—will be displayed.
Split point
Accompaniment range
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