Style (Auto-accompaniment) Functions
Owner’s Manual
Setting the Split Point
The initial default split point is key number 54 (the
F#2 key), but you can change it to another key using
the procedure described below.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button.
2Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the Split point item.
3Use the dial to set the split point to any
key from 021(A-1) through 108 (C7).
Play a Style with Chords but No
Rhythm (Stop Accompaniment)
When auto accompaniment is on (the ACMP ON icon
is showing) and Synchro Start is off, you can play
chords in the left-hand accompaniment range of the
keyboard while the style is stopped and still hear the
accompaniment chords. This is “Stop Accompani-
ment”, and any of the chord fingerings recognized by
the instrument can be used.
Press the [ACMP ON/OFF] button to turn
auto accompaniment on after pressing the
[STYLE] button.
• When you change the split point the auto-accompani-
ment split point also changes.
• The split point cannot be changed during a song lesson.
The split voice sounds when the split-point key is played.
Split point (54 : F#2)
Split voice Main voice
Appears when auto accompaniment is on
ment range
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