Song Settings
Owner’s Manual 85
BGM Playback
With the default setting only one demo song is played
back and repeated when the [DEMO/BGM] button is
pressed. This setting can be changed so that all inter-
nal songs, all songs transferred to the instrument from
a computer, or all MIDI songs on a USB flash mem-
ory connected to the instrument are played. Five play-
back group settings are provided. Simply select the
one that suits your needs.
1Press and hold the [DEMO/BGM] button
for longer than a second to call up the
“Demo Group” selection display.
The currently selected repeat playback target will
2Use the dial to select a repeat playback
group from the table below.
Random Song Playback
The random play mode causes the songs in the group
selected for BGM playback to be played back in ran-
dom order.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button.
2Press the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons as many times as necessary to
select “Demo Play Mode”.
The currently selected repeat playback mode will
You cannot select the repeat playback mode when
“Demo” is selected as the repeat playback group.
3Use the dial to select “Random”.
If you want to restore the normal playback mode,
select “Normal”.
Demo Demo Song
Preset All preset songs
User All User songs
Download All songs transferred from a
All songs stored on a USB
flash memory connected to the
Hold for longer
than a second.
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