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The Functions
The “Functions” provide access to a range of detailed instrument parameters for tun-
ing, setting the split point, and adjusting the voices and effects. Take a look at the func-
tion list starting on the opposite page. There are 53 function parameters in all.
When you locate a function you want to set up, simply select the function’s display
name and adjust as required.
Selecting and Setting Functions
1Find the function you want to set in the
list that begins on page 87.
2Press the [FUNCTION] button.
3Select a function.
Press the CATEGORY [
] and [
] buttons as
many times as necessary until the function’s dis-
play name appears in the display.
4Use the dial, the [+] and [-] buttons, or
the [0]–[9] number buttons to set the
selected function as required.
The [+] and [-] buttons are used to make ON/OFF
type settings: [+] = ON, [-] = OFF.
In some cases the [+] button will initiate execu-
tion of the selected function, and the [-] will can-
cel the selection.
Some Function settings are stored in memory as soon
as they are changed. See “The Backup Parameters” on
page 64 for information on the function settings that
are stored on the instrument.
To restore all initial factor default settings perform the
“Backup Clear” procedure described in the “Initializa-
tion” section on page 64.
The selected
Function category
Previous item
Next item
numeric entry.
Press simultane-
ously to recall the
default setting.
value by 1.
value by 1.
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