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Saving and Loading Data
USB flash memory is a memory medium used for storing data.
When a USB flash memory is inserted in this instrument’s USB TO DEVICE terminal,
registered settings can be saved from or loaded into the instrument.
In this section we’ll look at the procedures for setting up and formatting USB flash
memory devices, as well as for saving and loading data to and from them.
Before using a USB device, read through the “Precautions when using the USB TO
DEVICE terminal” section on page 91.
Connecting a USB Flash Memory
1Connect a USB flash memory to the
USB TO DEVICE terminal, being careful
to insert it with the proper orientation.
2Wait for confirmation that the USB flash
memory has been properly mounted.
3Press the [FILE CONTROL] button to
call up the FILE CONTROL display.
You can access file operations listed below by
pressing the category [
] and [
] buttons from
If you press the [FILE CONTROL] button while
an unformatted USB flash memory is connected
to the instrument, the “Format” function will
automatically be selected.
To exit from the FILE CONTROL display press
the [EXIT] button.
A message (information or confirmation dia-
log) sometimes appears on the display to facili-
tate operation. Refer to the “Messages” on
page 110 for an explanation of each message.
Menu Reference page
Format 92
User File Save 93
User Song Save 94
Load 95
USB Delete 96
User Delete 96
• No sound will be produced if you play the keyboard
while the FILE CONTROL display is showing. Also, in
this state only buttons related to file functions will be
• The FILE CONTROL display will not appear in any of the
following cases:
During style or song playback.
• During a lesson.
While data is being loaded from a USB flash memory.
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