Saving and Loading Data
Owner’s Manual 91
Precautions when using the USB
TO DEVICE terminal
This instrument features a built-in USB TO DEVICE
terminal. When connecting a USB device to the termi-
nal, be sure to handle the USB device with care. Fol-
low the important precautions below.
Compatible USB devices
• USB storage devices (flash memory, floppy disk
The instrument does not necessarily support all com-
mercially available USB devices. Yamaha cannot
guarantee operation of USB devices that you pur-
chase. Before purchasing a USB device for use with
this instrument, please visit the following web page:
Connecting USB device
• When connecting a USB device to the USB TO
DEVICE terminal, make sure that the connector on
the device is appropriate and that it is connected in
the proper direction.
• Though the instrument supports the USB 1.1 stan-
dard, you can connect and use a USB 2.0 storage
device with the instrument. However, note that the
transfer speed is that of USB 1.1.
Using USB Storage Devices
By connecting the instrument to a USB storage
device, you can save data you’ve created to the con-
nected device, as well as read data from the connected
The number of USB storage device
to be used
Only one USB storage devices can be connected to
the USB TO DEVICE terminal.
Formatting USB storage media
When a USB storage device is connected or media is
inserted, a message may appear prompting you to for-
mat the device/media. If so, execute the Format opera-
tion (page 92).
To protect your data (write-protect)
To prevent important data from being inadvertently
erased, apply the write-protect provided with each
storage device or media. If you are saving data to the
USB storage device, make sure to disable write-pro-
Connecting/removing USB storage
Before removing the media from the device, make
sure that the instrument is not accessing data (such as
in the Save and Delete operations).
• Although CD-R/RW drives can be used to read data to the
instrument, they cannot be used for saving data.
• Other USB devices such as a computer keyboard or mouse
cannot be used.
• Although CD-R/RW drives can be used to read data to the
instrument, they cannot be used for saving data.
• The format operation overwrites any previously existing
data. Make sure that the media you are formatting does not
contain important data.
• Avoid frequently turning the power on/off to the USB stor-
age device, or connecting/disconnecting the device too
often. Doing so may result in the operation of the instru-
ment “freezing” or hanging up. While the instrument is
accessing data (such as during Save, Delete, Load and
Format operations) or is mounting the USB storage device
(shortly after the connection), do NOT unplug the USB
connector, do NOT remove the media from the device, and
do NOT turn the power off to either device. Doing so may
corrupt the data on either or both devices.
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