Saving and Loading Data
Owner’s Manual
Formatting USB Flash Memory
New USB flash memory must be formatted before
they can be used by this instrument.
1Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the Format item.
The display prompts you for confirmation.
2Press the [EXECUTE] button and the
display prompts you for confirmation.
You can press the [-] button at this point to cancel
the operation.
3Press the [EXECUTE] button again, or
the [+] button, and the format operation
will begin.
4A message will appear on the display to
inform you that the operation has fin-
Press the [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN
All the instructions in this chapter are related
to the FILE CONTROL display. To call up the
FILE CONTROL display, press the [FILE
CONTROL] button.
• If a USB flash memory that contains data is formatted as
described below, the data will be erased. Make sure that a
USB flash memory to be formatted contains no important
data before carrying out the formatting procedure.
• Once the format-in-progress message appears on the
display the format operation cannot be canceled.
Never turn off the power or remove the USB flash
memory during this operation.
• If the USB flash memory has been write-protected, an
appropriate message will appear on the display and you
will not be able to execute the operation.
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