Saving and Loading Data
Owner’s Manual
Save a User Song to USB Flash
This operation saves a user song (song numbers 031–
035) to USB flash memory.
1Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to locate the User Song Save item.
The SOURCE FILE—a user song name—will be
2Select the source user song.
You can press the [+] and [-] buttons simultane-
ously to select the first user song.
3Press the [EXECUTE] button.
The DESTINATION SONG will be highlighted,
and a default name will automatically be created.
4Press the [EXECUTE] button.
A cursor will appear below the first character in
the file name.
5Change the file name as necessary.
Refer to “Saving User Files (Registration Mem-
ory) to USB Flash Memory” on page 93 for file-
name entry.
6Press the [EXECUTE] button. The dis-
play prompts you for confirmation.
You can cancel the save operation at this point by
pressing the [-] button.
7Press the [EXECUTE] button again, or
the [+] button, and the save operation
will begin.
User song will be saved in a folder labeled
“USER FILES” which will automatically be cre-
ated on the USB flash memory.
8A message will appear on the display to
inform you that the operation has fin-
Press the [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN
To Overwrite an Existing File
If you want to overwrite a file that already exists
on the USB flash memory, use the dial or the
[+] and [-] buttons to select the file, then skip
ahead to step 6.
The source user
song name.
• Once the save-in-progress message appears on the
display the operation cannot be canceled. Never turn
off the power or remove the USB flash memory during
this operation.
• If an existing filename is specified the display prompts
you for confirmation. Press [EXECUTE] or [+] if it is OK to
overwrite the file, or [-] to cancel.
• The amount of time it will take to perform the save opera-
tion will depend on the condition of the USB flash mem-
The name of the
file to be saved
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