Saving and Loading Data
Owner’s Manual 95
Loading Files from a USB Flash
User files as well as Style, Song, and Music Database
files residing on a USB flash memory can be loaded
into the instrument.
1Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to locate the Load item.
2Use the dial to select the file you want
to load.
All user files in the USB flash memory will be
displayed first, followed by the style files, song
files and music database files.
Files must be located in the “User Files” folder in
the USB flash memory. Files located outside of
that folder will not be recognized.
3Press the [EXECUTE] button. The dis-
play prompts you for confirmation.
You can cancel the load operation at this point by
pressing the [-] button.
4Press the [EXECUTE] button again, or
the [+] button, and the load operation
will begin.
5A message will appear on the display to
inform you that the operation has fin-
Press the [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN
• If you load a User File registration memory data will be
overwritten by the newly loaded data. Save important data
to a USB flash memory before loading data that will over-
write it.
• Once the load-in-progress message appears on the
display the operation cannot be canceled. Never turn
off the power or remove the USB flash memory during
this operation.
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