Owner’s Manual 97
Connecting to a Computer
This instrument can be connected to a computer to allow transfer of MIDI data or a file.
Connecting a Personal Computer
In order to be able to communicate with and use
instruments connected to your computer, the appropri-
ate driver software must be properly installed on your
computer. The USB-MIDI driver allows sequence
software and similar applications on your computer to
transmit and receive MIDI data to and from MIDI
devices via a USB cable. The USB-MIDI driver is
included on the CD-ROM. Installation of the USB-
MIDI driver is described on page 104.
Precautions when using the USB TO
HOST terminal
When connecting the computer to the USB TO HOST
terminal, make sure to observe the following points.
Failing to do so risks freezing the computer and cor-
rupting or losing the data. If the computer or the
instrument freezes, restart the application software or
the computer OS, or turn the power to the instrument
off then on again.
Use an AB type USB cable of less than about 3
Before connecting the computer to the USB TO
HOST terminal, exit from any power-saving mode
of the computer (such as suspended, sleep, standby).
Before turning on the power to the instrument, con-
nect the computer to the USB TO HOST terminal.
Execute the following before turning the power to
the instrument on/off or plugging/unplugging the
USB cable to/from the [USB TO HOST] terminal.
Quit any open application software on the com-
Make sure that data is not being transmitted
from the instrument. (Data is transmitted when-
ever you play on the keyboard or play back a
song, etc.)
While the computer is connected to the instrument,
you should wait for six seconds or more between
these operations: (1) when turning the power of the
instrument off then on again, or (2) when alternately
connecting/disconnecting the USB cable.
USB terminal USB TO HOST terminal
USB cable
MIDI Basics
If you want to know more about MIDI and how to
use it, refer to this introductory book. MIDI Basics is
available for downloading from the Yamaha Manual
Library at:
• Connect the instrument to external equipment only after
turning off power for all devices. Then, turn on the power,
first to the instrument, then to the connected external
equipment. Reverse this order when you turn the power
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