Connecting to a Computer
Owner’s Manual 99
Initial Send
This function lets you send the panel setup data to a
computer. Before you record performance data to a
sequencer application running on your computer, it is
a good idea to first send and record the panel setup
data before the actual performance data.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button.
2Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the Initial Send item.
3Press [+/YES] to send, or press [-/NO] to
Transferring Data Between the
Computer and Instrument
Songs, styles, or Music Database files residing on a
computer or the supplied CD-ROM, can be trans-
ferred to the instrument. Backup file can also be trans-
ferred from the instrument to the computer and back.
In order to transfer files between your computer and
the instrument you will need to install the Musicsoft
Downloader application and the USB-MIDI Driver
included on the Accessory CD-ROM on your com-
puter. Refer to the Accessory CD-ROM Installation
Guide on page 102 for installation details.
With the Musicsoft Downloader You
Transfer files from the computer to the instrument’s
flash memory.
refer to the procedure described on page 100.
The procedure for transferring songs included on
the Accessory CD-ROM from your computer to
the instrument is given as an example.
Backup file can be transferred from the instrument
to a computer and back.
refer to the procedure described on page 101.
* Use the Musicsoft Downloader application with Internet
Explorer 5.5 or higher.
Data that can be transferred from a computer
to this instrument.
Data Capacity: 1895KB
502 files total for the Song, Style and Music
Data Format
Song: .mid SMF format 0/1
Style: .sty
Music Database: .mfd
Backup File: 10PG88G.bup
What is SMF (Standard MIDI File)?
The SMF (Standard MIDI File) format is one of the
most common and widely compatible sequence for-
mats used for storing sequence data. There are two
variations: Format 0 and Format 1. A large number
of MIDI devices are compatible with SMF Format 0,
and most commercially available MIDI sequence
data is provided in SMF Format 0.
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