Setting Up
12 YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
1. Connect the plugs of the AC adaptor in
the order shown in the illustration.
Use the specified adaptor (page 34) only. The use of other
adaptors may result in irreparable damage to both the adaptor
and the instrument.
Remove the AC plug from the AC outlet when the instrument
is not to be used for extended periods of time, or during
electrical storms.
Follow this procedure in reverse order when disconnecting the
AC adaptor.
For the Power Adaptor with a Removable Plug
Do not remove the plug from the power adaptor. If
the plug is removed accidentally, slide the plug into
place without touching the metallic parts, and then
push the plug in completely until it clicks.
Make sure to keep the plug attached to the AC adaptor.
Using the plug alone can cause electric shock or fire.
Never touch the metallic section when attaching the plug.
To avoid electric shock, short circuit or damage, also be
careful that there is no dust between the AC adaptor and
2. Press the [P](Standby/On) switch to
turn the power on.
Power indicator
If you close the key cover without turning the
power to standby, the power indicator remains lit,
indicating that the power is still on.
When you’re ready to turn the power to standby,
press the [P] (Standby/On) switch again for a
second. The power indicator turns off.
Even when the [P] (Standby/On) switch is in the standby
status, electricity is still flowing to the instrument at a
minimum level. When not using the instrument for an
extended period of time, be sure to unplug the power cord
from the wall AC outlet.
Press only the [P] (Standby/On) switch when turning the
power on. Any other operations, such as pressing the keys,
buttons or pedals may cause the instrument to malfunction.
When you start playing, use the [MASTER
VOLUME] knob to adjust the volume of the entire
keyboard sound.
Do not use this instrument at a high volume level for a long
period of time, to avoid damaging your hearing.
Turning the Power On
AC outlet
AC adaptor
DC IN jack (page 10)
DC plug
The shape of the plug and outlet differ depending on the
Slide the plug
as indicated
The shape of the plug and outlet differ depending on the locale.
Setting the Volume
Power indicator
[P] (Standby/On) switch
Level decreases Level increases
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