Setting Up
YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
To prevent unnecessary power consumption, this
instrument features an Auto Power Off function
that automatically turns the power off if the
instrument is not operated for approximately
30 minutes.
Default setting: Enabled
Disabling Auto Power Off (simple method)
Turn off the power of the instrument once.
While holding down the A-1 key (the lowest key),
press the [P] (Standby/On) switch to turn the
instrument on. The [REC] indicator flashes three
times, indicating the Auto Power Off function has
been disabled.
Switching the Auto Power Off Function
While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and
[PIANO/VOICE] simultaneously, press the A#0
key to enable the Auto Power Off function or the
A0 key to disable it.
Since this instrument is
equipped with two
[PHONES] jacks, you
can connect two sets of
standard stereo
headphones. If you are
using only one set of
headphones, insert a plug
into either jack, which
automatically shuts off
the speakers according to
the default setting.
Do not use headphones at a high volume for an extended
period of time; doing so may cause hearing loss.
Speaker On/Off setting
You can set whether the sound of this instrument is
always output from its built-in speaker or not.
While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and
[PIANO/VOICE] simultaneously, press one of the
D6 – E6 key.
Reproducing a natural sense of distance
(Stereophonic Optimizer)
The Stereophonic Optimizer gives you the feeling
of playing an actual acoustic piano — even though
you’re listening through headphones. Normally, the
sound comes out from headphones sounds very
close to your ears. However, this Stereophonic
Optimizer effect recreates a natural distance or the
sense of physical space between your ears and the
instrument, just as when playing an acoustic piano.
Default setting: On
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE], press the
F#3 key to turn the function on or the F3 key to
turn the function off.
Auto Power Off Function
Using Headphones
Lowest key
A#0 (Enable)
Lowest key A0 (Disable)
Bottom surface
Standard stereo phone plug
(D6 key) The speaker will not sound.
(D#6 key)
The speaker will always sound regardless
of whether a set of headphones is
connected or not.
(E6 key)
The speaker will sound only if headphones
are not connected. (This is the default
D#6 (On)
Highest key
D6 (Off)
E6 (Normal)
F3 (Off)
F#3 (On)
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