Playing the Piano
YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Damper Pedal (Right)
Pressing this pedal will sustain notes longer.
Releasing this pedal immediately stops (damps)
any sustained notes. This pedal also features a
“half-pedal” function that creates partial sustain
effects, depending on how far down you press the
Sostenuto Pedal (Center)
Pressing this pedal while holding the notes will
sustain the pressed notes (as if the Damper Pedal
had been pressed), but all subsequently played
notes will not be sustained. This makes it possible
to sustain a chord or single low note, for example,
while the other notes are played “staccato.”
Soft Pedal (Left)
Pressing this pedal will reduce the volume and slightly change the timbre of the
notes. The notes played before this pedal is pressed are not affected.
The Damper Resonance effect simulates the sustain sound of the damper pedal on a grand piano, as if you
were pressing the damper pedal and playing the keyboard. This effect is applied only to the Piano Voices
(page 18).
To turn on the Damper Resonance:
While holding [PIANO/VOICE], press the C#3 key.
To turn off the Damper Resonance:
While holding [PIANO/VOICE], press the C3 key.
Using the Pedals
When you press the damper
pedal here, this note and the
notes you play before you release
the pedal sustain longer.
When you press the sostenuto
pedal here while holding the
note, the note will sustain as
long as you hold the pedal.
If the damper pedal doesn’t
work, make sure that the pedal
cord is properly plugged into
the main unit (page 32).
Half-pedal function
This function allows you to vary
the sustain length depending
on how far the pedal is
pressed. The farther down you
press the pedal, the more the
sound sustains. For example, if
you press the damper pedal
and all notes you are playing
sound a bit murky and loud
with too much sustain, you can
release the pedal half way or
higher to decrease the sustain
While the sostenuto pedal is
held, the organ and strings
Voices sound continuously
without decay after the notes
have been released.
When Jazz Organ Voice
(page 18) is selected,
pressing the left pedal
switches between fast/slow
rotation of the rotary speaker.
When the Vibraphone Voice
(page 18) is selected, the left
pedal switches Vibrato on and
Using the Damper Resonance
Default setting:
Lowest key C3 (Off)
C#3 (On)
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