18 YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Advanced Operations
Playing Various Musical Instrument Sounds (Voices)
To select “CFX Grand”:
Simply press [PIANO/VOICE].
To select another Voice:
After pressing [PIANO/VOICE], press [+R] or [–L] to select the next or previous
To select a specific Voice:
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE], press one of the C1 – A1 keys. For details
on which Voice is assigned to each key, see the list below.
Voice List
Selecting a Voice
To hear the characteristics of
the Voices, play back the
Demo Songs (page 19).
Key Voice Name Voice description
C1 CFX Grand
Yamaha’s CFX flagship concert grand piano sound with a wide
dynamic range for maximum expressive control. Suitable for
playing in any music genre and style.
C#1 Mellow Grand Grand piano sound with a soft and warm tone. Good for playing
D1 Pop Grand Bright piano sound. Good for clear expression and “cutting
through” other instruments in an ensemble.
D#1 Stage E.Piano
The sound of an electric piano using hammer-struck metallic
“tines.” Soft tone when played lightly, and an aggressive tone
when played hard.
E1 DX E.Piano An electronic piano sound created by FM synthesis. Good for
standard popular music.
F1 Harpsichord
The definitive instrument for baroque music. Since harpsichord
uses plucked strings, there is no touch response. There is,
however, a characteristic additional sound when the keys are
F#1 Vibraphone Vibraphone played with relatively soft mallets. The tone becomes
more metallic the harder you play.
G1 Pipe Organ This is a typical pipe organ sound (8 feet + 4 feet + 2 feet). Good
for sacred music from the Baroque period.
G#1 Jazz Organ
The sound of a “tonewheel” type electric organ. Often heard in
jazz and rock music. The rotary speed of the rotary speaker
effect can be switched by using the left pedal.
A1 Strings Stereo-sampled, large-scale strings ensemble with realistic
reverb. Try combining this Voice with piano in the Dual mode.
C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 A1Lowest key
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