Playing Various Musical Instrument Sounds (Voices)
YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Special individual Demo Songs are provided for all of the instrument Voices.
1. Press [DEMO/SONG] to start playback.
The Demo Song for the current Voice starts. During playback, the [PLAY] lamp
flashes at the current tempo.
Starting with the selected song, the playback of the Demo Songs will continue.
After the last demo song, the sequence then returns to the first Demo Song and
repeats until you stop it.
To change the Demo Song during playback:
Press [+R] or [–L] to change to the next or previous Demo Song.
To change to a specific Demo Song, press and hold down [DEMO/SONG], then
press one of the C1 – A1 keys.
2. Press [DEMO/SONG] or [PLAY] to stop playback.
The [PLAY] lamp turns off.
Demo Song List
The Demo Songs excluding original Songs are short rearranged excerpts from the original
compositions. The original Demo Songs are Yamaha originals (© Yamaha Corporation).
Listening to the Demo Songs
If you want to change the
playback tempo, see page 17.
Key Voice Name Title Composer
C1 CFX Grand El pelele - Escena goyesca,
Goyescas - Los majos enamorados II No.7 E. Granados
C#1 Mellow Grand Von fremden Ländern und Menschen,
Kinderszenen op. 15-1 R. Schumann
D1 Pop Grand Original
D#1 Stage E.Piano Original
E1 DX E.Piano Original
F1 Harpsichord Concerto a cembalo obbligato, 2 violini, viola e
continuo No.7, BWV 1058 J. S. Bach
F#1 Vibraphone Original
G1 Pipe Organ Herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottes-Sohn, BWV 601 J. S. Bach
G#1 Jazz Organ Original
A1 Strings Original
Lowest key C1 A1
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