Playing Various Musical Instrument Sounds (Voices)
20 YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
This instrument features several Reverb Types that add extra depth and expression to the sound to create a
realistic acoustic ambience. The appropriate Reverb Type and Depth are called up automatically when you
select each of the Voices and Songs. This is why the Reverb Type need not be selected; however, you can
change it if desired.
To select a Reverb Type:
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE], press one of the C2 – E2 keys.
Reverb Type List
To adjust Reverb Depth:
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE], press the G2 key to decrease the value by
1 or the A2 key to increase the value by 1.
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE], press the G#2 key to reset the Reverb
Depth to the default setting, which is the most suitable value for the current
Adding Variations to the Sound (Reverb)
Key Reverb Type Description
C2 Recital Hall Simulates the clear reverb sound you would hear in a medium-
sized concert hall for piano recitals.
C#2 Concert Hall Simulates the gorgeous reverb sound you would hear in a large
concert hall for orchestral performances.
D2 Chamber
Suitable for playing chamber music; simulates the intimate
reverb sound you would hear in a spacious room, such as for
classical music recitals.
Simulates the vivid reverb sound you would hear in a live music
venue or a jazz club.
E2 Off No effect is applied.
Lowest key A2 (Depth +1)
G#2 (Default)
G2 (Depth -1)
C2 D2 E2
Selecting a
Reverb Type
Reverb Depth
Reverb Depth range:
0 (no effect) – 20 (maximum
Reverb in Dual Mode
(page 22)
An optimum reverb type for the
combination of Voices is
assigned automatically.
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