Playing Various Musical Instrument Sounds (Voices)
YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
This function allows two different players to play the instrument, one on the left and the other on the right,
over the same octave range.
1. While holding down [PIANO/VOICE], press [+R] and [–L]
simultaneously to engage Duo.
The keyboard is divided into two sections, with the E3 key as the Split Point.
2. One person can play the left section of the keyboard while
the other plays the right.
To shift the O c t ave for each se c tion:
Same operation as in Dual (page 22).
In Duo, the left section is assigned to Voice 2, while the right section is assigned to
Voice 1 .
To adjust the volume balance between two keyboard sections:
Same operation as in Dual (page 22).
Settings below “0” increase the volume of Left Voice (Voice 2), while settings above
“0” increase the volume of Right Voice, in relation to the other.
Pedal function in Duo
Damper Pedal: Applies Sustain to the right section.
Sostenuto Pedal: Applies Sustain to both sections.
Soft Pedal: Applies Sustain to the left section.
3. To exit from Duo, simultaneously hold down [PIANO/
VOICE] and press [+R] and [–L].
Playing Duo
• Different Voices cannot be
assigned to the Right Voice
and Left Voice.
• The Split Point cannot be
changed from E3.
• In Duo, Reverb, Damper
Resonance and
Stereophonic Optimizer are
not effective.
Split Point E3Equivalent to C3 (middle C) Equivalent to C3 (middle C)
Left section (Voice 2) Right section (Voice 1)
Setting range:
-2 – 0 – +2
Setting range:
-6 – 0 – +6
Sounds played in the left
section are played from the left
speaker, and sounds played in
the right section are played
from the right speaker.
If the keyboard is in Dual
mode, engaging Duo will exit
from Dual, and Voice 1 is used
over the entire range of the
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