24 YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Song Playback and Practice
In addition to the Demo Songs, Preset Songs are provided for your listening pleasure.
1. Find the number of the Song that you want to play back
from the included “50 Classical Music Masterpieces.”
2. While holding down [DEMO/SONG], press one of the C2 –
C#6 keys to start playback.
The number of each piano Preset Song is assigned to the C2 – C#6 keys.
During playback, the [+R] and [–L] lamps light, and the [PLAY] lamp flashes at the
current tempo. Playback of the Preset Songs continues in sequence, starting with
the selected song. After the last Preset Song, the sequence then returns to the first
Preset Song and repeats until you stop it.
To change the Preset Song during playback:
Press [+R] or [–L] to change to the next or previous Preset Song, or directly select the
desired Song by holding down [DEMO/SONG] and pressing the appropriate key.
To change the tempo during playback:
While holding down [METRONOME], press [+R] or [–L] to increase or decrease
the Tempo value by 1. Other instructions are the same as those of the Metronome
Tempo (page 17).
To play back from the beginning of the Song
During playback, press [+R] and [–L] simultaneously to jump to the playback
position at the beginning of the Song then continue playback at the last specified
3. Press [DEMO/SONG] or [PLAY] to stop playback.
The [PLAY], [+R] and [–L] lamps turn off.
You can transfer up to 10 songs from your computer to this instrument and play
them back. For details on transferring Songs from a computer and playing them
back on this instrument, refer to the “Computer-related Operations” section on
the website (page 9).
Types of file that can be exchanged with a computer
Files with a .mid extension (SMF format 0 or 1)
Listening to 50 Preset Songs
Highest key (C7)
Song 1 Song 10 Song 20 Song 30 Song 40
C3 C4 C5
Song 50 (C#6)
You can play the keyboard
along with the Preset Song.
You can also change the Voice
played from the keyboard.
In this manual, performance
data is called a “Song.” This
includes 50 Preset Songs and
Demo Songs.
The Preset Songs, Demo
Songs and other Songs (a
maximum of ten) transferred
from a computer can be
played back consecutively
within each category.
You can import additional
Songs by loading SMF files
from a computer. For details,
refer to the “Computer-related
Operations” on the website
(page 9).
Listening to Songs Loaded from the Computer
Certain MIDI files in SMF
format 0 or 1 may contain data
that is not supported by your
digital piano, and such files
may not play as originally
intended. If this is the case,
setting the song playback
channels to “1&2” may enable
a better rendition of the song.
For details, refer to the “MIDI
Reference” section on the
website (page 9).
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