Song Playback and Practice
YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
All the Songs except for the Demo (page 19) let you turn on or off the left-hand and right-hand Parts
individually. By turning off [+R], for example, you can practice the right-hand Part while the left-hand Part
is playing back, and vice versa.
1. Start playback of a Preset Song (page 24) or the User Song
(page 26).
2. While holding down [PLAY], press [+R] or [–L] to turn the
Part on/off.
Pressing the same button repeatedly while holding down [PLAY] toggles playback on
and off. The lamp of the button lights to indicate that the corresponding Part is on.
3. Practice the Part which is turned off.
To change t h e Tempo:
If desired, you can change the tempo for your practice convenience. For details,
refer to page 17.
4. Press [PLAY] to stop playback.
This Quick Play feature enables you to specify whether a Song should play back
immediately from the very first note, or play back any silence or rests that exist
before the first note.
To turn on Quick Play :
Hold down [DEMO/SONG] and press the A#-1 key to enable immediate
playback from the first note or first pedal operation.
To turn off Quick Play:
Hold down [DEMO/SONG] and press the lowest key (A-1) to play from the top
of the first measure (including a rest or blank).
Practicing a One-Hand Part
Selecting another Song will
reset the on/off status.
Songs 16 – 20 of “50 Classical
Music Masterpieces” are duet
songs. The right-hand Part is
for the first player, and the left-
hand Part is for the second
or Lamp lights when Part is on.
Playing from the Beginning of a Measure that Includes Rest or Silence
Default setting:
Lowest key
Lowest key (A-1)
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