28 YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Using with a Computer or a Smart Device
Connecting this instrument to a computer or a smart device such as iPhone/iPad allows you to transmit/
receive performance data and Song data to/from the computer or a smart device. For details on connections,
refer to the “Computer-related Operations” section or the “iPhone/iPad Connection Manual” section on the
website (page 9).
By using an app on a smart device, you can take advantage of convenient
functions and get more enjoyment out of this instrument. In particular, with the
“Smart Pianist” app running on your smart device, you can remotely control
your digital piano for even more convenience and flexibility.
For information about the compatible smart devices and apps, access the
following page:
You can play back audio data on a smart device or a computer with this
instrument. You can also record your keyboard performance as audio data to a
music production app on a smart device or a computer.
When using this function on a computer running Windows, you will need to
install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver to your computer. For details, refer to
the “Computer-related Operations” on the website (page 9).
Audio Loop Back On/Off
You can set whether audio sound input from the [USB TO HOST] terminal is
returned to the computer/smart device or not along with the performance played
on the instrument.
While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and [PIANO/VOICE] simultaneously,
press the G5 key to turn this parameter “Off ” or the G#5 key to turn it “On.”
Use an AB type USB cable of
less than 3 meters. USB 3.0
cables cannot be used.
For instructions on using MIDI,
refer to the online manual
“MIDI Reference” (page 9).
USB terminal
terminal (page 10)
USB cable
Instrument Smart device
Using an App on Your Smart Device
Do not place your smart
device in an unstable
position. Doing so may
cause the device to fall and
result in damage.
Playback/Recording of Audio Data (USB Audio)
The volume of the audio sound
input can be adjusted from a
computer or a smart device.
Default setting: On
If you are using a DAW
(digital audio workstation)
with this instrument, set the
Audio Loop Back to OFF.
Otherwise, loud noises may
occur, depending on the
settings of the computer/
smart device or the
application software.
G#5 (On)
G5 (Off) Highest key
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