YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Backing up Data and Initializing the Settings
The following settings and data are maintained even if you turn the power off.
Among the data listed above, only User Song data (USERSONG00.MID) can be
transferred to a computer and saved as an SMF file. For details, refer to the
“Computer-related Operations” on the website (page 9).
With this operation, all data (with the exception of the Songs) will be reset to the
factory default settings.
To do this, simultaneously hold down the C7 (the highest) key and turn on the
Data Maintained When Power is Turned Off
•Metronome Volume
Metronome Beat (time signature)
Touch Sensitivity
Intelligent Acoustic Control Depth
Intelligent Acoustic Control On/Off
Stereophonic Optimizer On/Off
Operation Confirmation Sounds On/Off
Auto Power Off Enable/Disable
•Speaker On/Off
•User Song data
Song data (SMF files) transferred from a computer
Saving User Song data to a computer
Saved data may be lost due
to malfunction or incorrect
operation. Save important
data to an external device
such as a computer.
Initializing the Settings
Never turn off the power
while the Initialize operation
is being executed (that is,
while the [REC], [PLAY], [+R]
and [–L] lamps are flashing).
If this instrument somehow
becomes disabled or
malfunctions, turn off the
power then execute
Highest key
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