30 YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Problem Possible Cause and Solution
Power suddenly and unexpectedly turns off. This is normal and the Auto Power Off function may have been activated
(page 13). If desired, disable the Auto Power Off function.
The instrument does not turn on.
The plugs are not properly connected. Make sure that the DC plug is
securely inserted into the DC IN jack on the instrument, and that the AC
plug is securely inserted to the AC outlet (page 12).
A click or pop is heard when the power is
turned on or off. This is normal when electrical current is being applied to the instrument.
Noise is heard from the speakers or
The noise may be due to interference caused by the use of a mobile phone
in close proximity to this instrument. Turn off the mobile phone, or move it
further away from this instrument.
Noise is heard from the instrument’s speakers or
headphones when using the instrument with a
smart device, such as an iPhone/iPad.
When you use the instrument along with the application on your smart
device, we recommend that you set “Airplane Mode” to “ON” on your smart
device in order to avoid noise caused by communication. While Bluetooth
is connected, setting “Airplane Mode” to “ON” disconnects Bluetooth;
however, the connection can be restored by reconnecting again.
The overall volume is low, or no sound is heard.
The Master Volume is set too low. Set it to an appropriate level using the
[MASTER VOLUME] knob (page 12).
Make sure a pair of headphones or conversion adaptor is not connected to
the [PHONES] jack (page 13).
The Speaker setting is “Off.” Set the Speaker to “Normal” or “On” (page 13).
Make sure that Local Control is On. For details, refer to the “MIDI
Reference” (page 9).
Pedals do not function.
The pedal cord may not be securely connected to the [TO PEDAL] jack. Be
sure to insert the pedal cord all the way until the metal part of the cord plug
disappears from view (page 32).
The damper pedal does not function as
The damper pedal was pressed when the power was turned on. This is not
a malfunction; release the pedal and press it again to reset the function.
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