YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Keyboard Stand Assembly
Be careful not to confuse parts, and be sure to install all
parts in the correct orientation. Please assemble the unit in
accordance with the sequence given below.
Assembly should be carried out by at least two persons.
Assemble the unit on a hard and flat floor with ample space.
Be sure to use the correct screw size, as indicated below.
Use of incorrect screws can cause damage.
Be sure to tighten all screws upon completing assembly of
the unit.
To disassemble, reverse the assembly sequence given
Remove all parts from the package and make sure you
have all of the items.
* The two anti-fall brackets are identical. (Either one can be used
for left or right.)
* The adaptor may not be included, or may look different from the
illustration above, depending on your particular area. Please
check with your Yamaha dealer.
Attach (finger-tighten) C to D and E.
1-1 Untie and straighten out the bundled pedal
Don’t discard the vinyl tie. You will need it later in
step 6.
1-2 Align D and E with each end of C.
1-3 Attach D and E to C by finger-tightening
the long screws 2 (6 x 20 mm).
2. Attach B.
Depending on the model of digital piano you
purchased, the surface color of one side of B may
be different from the other side. In this case,
position B so that the side of the surface color
similar to D and E faces the player.
2-1 Attach the top of B to D and E by finger-
tightening the thin screws 4 (4 x 12 mm).
2-2 While pressing on the lower part of D and E
from the outside, attach the anti-fall
brackets 7 and then secure the bottom ends
of B using four long screws 1 (6 x 25 mm).
2-3 Insert the other two tapping screws 5 (4 x
20 mm) into the other two screw holes to
secure B.
2-4 Securely tighten the screws on the top of B
that were attached in Step 2-1.
Have a Phillips-head (+) screwdriver of the appropriate size
Bundled pedal cord inside
1 6 x 25 mm long screws x 4
6 Caps x 2
AC adaptor x 1
7 Anti-fall brackets x 2
2 6 x 20 mm long screws x 2
3 6 x 16 mm short screws x 4
4 4 x 12 mm thin screws x 2
5 4 x 20 mm tapping screws x 2
Cord holder
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