YDP-S34 Owner’s Manual
Thank you for choosing this Yamaha digital piano.
This instrument provides exceptionally high-quality sound
and expressive control for your playing enjoyment.
In order to make the most of the performance potential and features of the instrument,
please read the manuals thoroughly, and keep them in a handy place for later reference.
About the Manuals
This instrument has the following manuals.
Included Manuals
Owner’s Manual (this book)
Explains how to use the instrument.
Quick Operation Guide (separate
Shows in chart form the functions assigned to the
buttons and the keyboard for quick
Online Manuals (PDF)
iPhone/iPad Connection Manual
Explains how to connect the instrument to a smart
device, such as iPhone, iPad.
Computer-related Operations
Includes instructions on connecting this
instrument to a computer, and operations related
to transferring song data.
MIDI Reference
Contains the MIDI Data Format and MIDI
Implementation chart, as well as descriptions on
MIDI functions such as MIDI channel and Local
Control settings.
MIDI Basics (only in English, French
and German)
Contains basic explanations about MIDI.
To obtain these materials, access the Yamaha
Downloads website, then enter the model name for
searching the desired files.
Included Accessories
•Owner’s Manual (this book)
Quick Operation Guide (separate sheet)
“50 Classical Music Masterpieces” (music book)
Online Member Product Registration
•AC adaptor*
* May not be included depending on your particular
area. Please check with your Yamaha dealer.
Yamaha Downloads
Smart device application – Smart Pianist
With the specially developed Smart Pianist
app running on your smart device, you can
remotely control your digital piano for even
more convenience and flexibility. By
presenting various parameters on-screen, this
app allows you to make settings in a visual,
more intuitive manner. For more details on
Smart Pianist, refer to the following Yamaha
web site.
For instructions on connecting the
instrument to a smart device, Connection
Wizard in Smart Pianist will guide you
according to the operating condition and
environment. To start the Connection Wizard,
tap “ ” (Menu) located at the upper left of
the screen to open the Menu display, and then
tap “Instrument” → “Start Connection
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