NETGEAR RangeMax™ NEXT Wireless Router WNR834B User Manual
6-6 Using Network Monitoring Tools
v2.1, July 2007
For each device, the table shows the IP address, NetBIOS Host Name or Device Name (if
available), and the Ethernet MAC address. To force the router to look for attached devices,
click Refresh.
Managing the Configuration File
The configuration settings of the WNR834B are stored within the router in a configuration file.
You can back up (save) this file to your computer, restore it, or reset it to the factory
default settings.
From the main menu of the browser interface, under the Maintenance heading, select Backup
The following sections describe the three available options.
Backing Up and Restoring the Configuration
The Restore and Backup options in the Settings Backup menu let you save and retrieve a file
containing your router’s configuration settings.
Note: If the router is rebooted, the table data is lost until the router rediscovers the
Figure 6-5
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