v2.1, July 2007
Chapter 1
Configuring Basic Connectivity
This chapter describes the parameters for your Internet connection and your wireless local area
network (LAN) connection. When you perform the initial configuration of your wireless router
using the Resource CD as described in the NETGEAR Wireless Router Setup Manual, these
parameters are configured automatically for you. This chapter provides further details about these
connectivity settings, as well as instructions on how to log in to the router for further
This chapter includes:
Using the Setup Manual
Logging in to Your Wireless Router
Configuring Your Internet Connection Using the Smart Setup Wizard
Configuring Wireless Settings
Setting up a Vista WPS Network
Using the Setup Manual
For first-time installation of your wireless router, refer to the NETGEAR Wireless Router Setup
Manual. The Setup Manual explains how to launch the NETGEAR Smart Wizard on the Resource
CD to step you through the procedure to connect your router, modem, and computers. The Smart
Wizard will assist you in configuring your wireless settings and enabling wireless security for your
network. After initial configuration using the Setup Manual, you can use the information in this
User Manual to configure additional features of your wireless router.
Note: NETGEAR recommends using the Smart Wizard on the Resource CD for initial
configuration, as described in the NETGEAR Wireless Router Setup Manual.
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