NETGEAR RangeMax™ NEXT Wireless Router WNR834B User Manual
Configuring Basic Connectivity 1-7
v2.1, July 2007
Internet IP Address. Determines how your router obtains an IP address for Internet
If your ISP assigns an IP address dynamically (by DHCP), select Get Automatically.
If your ISP has assigned you a permanent, fixed (static) IP address for your computer,
select Use Static IP Address. Enter the IP address that your ISP assigned. Also, enter
the Subnet mask and the Gateway IP address. The Gateway is the ISP’s router to
which your router will connect.
Domain Name Server (DNS) Address. If you know that your ISP does not automatically
transmit DNS addresses to the router during login, select Use These DNS Servers and
enter the IP address of your ISP’s Primary DNS Server. If a Secondary DNS Server
address is available, enter it also.
Router MAC Address. This section determines the Ethernet MAC address that the router
will use on the Internet port. Some ISPs (especially cablemodem providers) will register
the Ethernet MAC address of the network interface card in your computer when your
account is first opened. They will then only accept traffic from the MAC address of that
computer. This feature allows your router to masquerade as that computer by “cloning” or
“spoofing” its MAC address.
To change the MAC address, choose one of the following methods:
Select Use Computer MAC Address. The router will then capture and use the MAC
address of the computer that you are now using. You must be using the one computer
that is allowed by the ISP.
Select Use this MAC address and type it in here.
Login Required by ISP. If you normally must use a login program such as WinPOET in order
to access the Internet, your Internet connection requires a login. After you select Login
Required, your Basic Settings menu will appear, as shown in the figure below.
Note: If you enter or change a DNS address, restart the computers on your
network so that these settings take effect.
Note: After you finish setting up your router, you will no longer need to launch the
ISP’s login program on your computer to access the Internet. When you start
an Internet application, your router will automatically log you in.
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