NETGEAR RangeMax™ NEXT Wireless Router WNR834B User Manual
1-10 Configuring Basic Connectivity
v2.1, July 2007
Always On. The router will log in to the Internet immediately after booting, and will
never disconnect.
Dial on Demand. The router will log in only when outgoing traffic is present, and will
log out after the idle timeout.
Manually Connect. The router will log in or log out only when the user clicks
Connect or Disconnect in the Router Status menu.
Idle Timeout. Your Internet connection will be logged out if there is no data transfer
during the specified time interval.
Domain Name Server (DNS) Address. If you know that your ISP does not automatically
transmit DNS addresses to the router during login, select Use These DNS Servers and
enter the IP address of your ISP’s Primary DNS Server. If a Secondary DNS Server
address is available, enter it also.
Configuring Wireless Settings
This section explains the general wireless settings of the WNR834B. Configuration of the
security-related wireless features is explained in greater detail in “Choosing Appropriate Wireless
Security” on page 2-1.
If you are configuring your router from a Windows Vista PC, you may be able to use the
automated wireless configuration capabilities of Windows Vista. See “Setting up a Vista WPS
Network” on page 1-14.
The WNR834B provides two menus for configuring the wireless settings. The basic Wireless
Settings menu link is located under the Setup heading in the main menu of the browser interface.
The Advanced Wireless Settings menu link is located under the Advanced heading.
Note: If you enter or change a DNS address, restart the computers on your
network so that these settings take effect.
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