NETGEAR RangeMax™ NEXT Wireless Router WNR834B User Manual
Safeguarding Your Network 2-11
v2.1, July 2007
configuring the Wireless Card Access List, see “Restricting Wireless Access by MAC
Address” on page 2-11
To configure security in the Advanced Wireless Settings menu:
From the main menu of the browser interface, under Advanced, click Wireless Settings. The
Advanced Wireless Settings menu appears..
Restricting Wireless Access by MAC Address
By enabling a wireless card access control list, you can restrict access to only trusted computers so
that unknown computers cannot wirelessly connect to the WNR834B.
The Wireless Card Access List displays a list of wireless computers that you will allow to connect
to the router based on their MAC addresses. These wireless computers must also have the correct
SSID and wireless security settings to access the wireless router.
The MAC address is a network device’s unique twelve-character physical address, containing the
hexadecimal characters 0–9 or A–F only, and separated by colons (for example,
00:09:AB:CD:EF:01). It can usually be found on the bottom of the wireless card or network
interface device. If you do not have access to the physical label, you can display the MAC address
using the network configuration utilities of the computer. In WindowsXP, for example, typing the
ipconfig/all command in an MSDOS Command Prompt window will display the MAC address as
Physical Address. You may also find the MAC addresses in the router’s Attached Devices menu.
Figure 2-5
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