NETGEAR RangeMax™ NEXT Wireless Router WNR834B User Manual
Customizing Your Network Settings 4-11
v2.1, July 2007
The WNR834B router supports two modes of the Wireless Repeating function:
In Wireless Repeater mode, the WNR834B router sends all traffic from its local wireless or
wired computers to a remote AP. To configure this mode, you must know the MAC address of
the remote “parent” AP.
In Wireless Base Station mode, the WNR834B router acts as the “parent” AP, bridging traffic
to and from the “child” repeater APs, as well as handling wireless and wired local computers.
To configure this mode, you must know the MAC addresses of the “child” repeater APs.
In either of these modes, you can configure whether the router (or AP) will communicate with
local wireless computers by enabling or disabling the Wireless Client Association function:
Enabled. In addition to performing wireless repeating with remote APs, the router will act as
an AP to connect local wireless computers.
Disabled. The router will only communicate wirelessly with other APs whose MAC addresses
are listed in this menu. The router will not accept local wireless connections. (Communication
with wire-connected LAN devices is not disabled.)
Figure 4-6
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