NETGEAR RangeMax™ NEXT Wireless Router WNR834B User Manual
Fine-Tuning Your Network 5-11
v2.1, July 2007
5. Click Add Service.
6. In the Service Name box, type a descriptive service name.
7. Under Service User, select Any (default) to allow this service to be used by any computer on
the Internet. Otherwise, select Single address and enter the IP address of one computer to
restrict the service to a particular computer.
8. Select the Service Type, either TCP or UDP or both (TCP/UDP). If you are not sure, select
9. In the Triggering Port box, enter the outbound traffic port number that will cause the inbound
ports to be opened.
10. Enter the inbound connection port information such as Connection Type, Starting Port, and
Ending Port boxes.
11. Click Apply. The service appears in the Port Triggering Portmap Table.
Figure 5-4
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