A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
2. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Logs.
3. Select the following check boxes for the events that you want to include in the log:
Attempted access to allowed sites
Attempted access to blocked sites and services
Connections to the Web-based interface of this Router
Router operation (startup, get time etc)
Known DoS attacks and Port Scans
Port Forwarding / Port Triggering
Wireless access
4. Click the Apply button.
Manage the Configuration File
The configuration settings of the router are stored within the router in a configuration file. You
can back up (save) this file to your computer, restore it, or reset it to the factory default
Back Up Settings
To back up the router’s configuration settings:
1. Log in to the router.
For more information, see Use NETGEAR genie after Installation on page 17.
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