Advanced Settings
A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
6. To prevent wireless clients from associating with the repeater and allow LAN client
associations only, select the Disable Wireless Client Association check box.
You can leave the check box cleared if you prefer wireless clients to be able to associate
with the repeater.
7. In the Base Station MAC Address field, enter the MAC address for the access point that
functions as the base station.
8. Click the Apply button.
9. Verify connectivity across the LANs.
A computer on any wireless or wired LAN segment of the base station or a repeater can
connect to the Internet. Any computer that is connected to the base station can share files
and printers with any other wireless or wired computer or server that is connected to a
Port Forwarding and Port Triggering Configuration
By default, the router blocks inbound traffic from the Internet to your computers except replies
to your outbound traffic. You might need to create exceptions to this rule for these purposes:
To allow remote computers on the Internet to access a server on your local network
To allow certain applications and games to work correctly when your router does not
recognize their replies
Your router provides two features for creating these exceptions: port forwarding and port
triggering. The next sections provide background information to help you understand how
port forwarding and port triggering work, and the differences between the two.
Remote Computer Access Basics
When a computer on your network needs to access a computer on the Internet, your
computer sends your router a message containing the source and destination address and
process information. Before forwarding your message to the remote computer, your router
must modify the source information and create and track the communication session so that
replies can be routed back to your computer.
Here is an example of normal outbound traffic and the resulting inbound responses:
1. You open a browser, and your operating system assigns port number 5678 to this
browser session.
2. You type http://www.example.com into the URL field, and your computer creates a web page
request message and sends it to your router. The message contains the following address
and port information:
Source address. Your computer’s IP address.
Source port number. 5678, which is the browser session.
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