Advanced Settings
A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
network traffic. Longer durations can compromise the freshness of the device status, but
can significantly reduce network traffic.
5. Type the advertisement time to live in hops.
The time to live for the advertisement is measured in hops (steps) for each UPnP packet
sent. Hops are the steps a packet takes between routers. The number of hops can range
from 1 to 255. The default value for the advertisement time to live is 4 hops, which should
be fine for most home networks. If you notice that some devices are not being updated or
reached correctly, it might be necessary to increase this value.
6. Click the Apply button.
The UPnP Portmap Table displays the IP address of each UPnP device that is accessing
the router and which ports (internal and external) that device has opened. The UPnP
Portmap Table also displays what type of port is open and whether that port is still active
for each IP address.
7. To refresh the information in the UPnP Portmap Table, click the Refresh button.
Traffic Meter
Traffic metering allows you to monitor the volume of Internet traffic passing through your
router’s Internet port. With the traffic meter utility, you can set limits for traffic volume, set a
monthly limit, and get a live update of traffic usage.
To start monitoring Internet traffic:
1. Log in to the router.
For more information, see Use NETGEAR genie after Installation on page 17.
2. Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Traffic Meter.
3. Select the Enable Traffic Meter check box.
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