A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
LEDs Never Turn Off
When the router is on, the LEDs light for about 10 seconds and then turn off. If all the LEDs
stay lit, a fault exists within the router.
If all LEDs are still on 1 minute after power-up, do the following:
Cycle the power to see if the router recovers.
Press and hold the Restore Factory Settings button to return the router to its factory
settings. See Restore the Factory Settings and Password on page 151.
If the error persists, you might have a hardware problem and should contact technical support
at www.netgear.com/support.
Internet or Ethernet LAN Port LEDs Are Off
If the Internet LED or the Ethernet LAN port LEDs do not light when the Ethernet connection
is made, check the following:
Make sure that the Ethernet cable connections are secure at the router and at the modem
or computer.
Make sure that power is turned on to the connected modem or computer.
Be sure that you are using the correct cable.
When connecting the router’s Internet port to a cable or DSL modem, use the cable that
was supplied with the cable or DSL modem. This cable can be a standard
straight-through Ethernet cable or an Ethernet crossover cable.
Wireless LEDs Are Off
If the Wireless LEDs stay off, check to see if someone pressed the Wireless On/Off button
on the router. This button turns the wireless radios in the router on and off. The Wireless
LEDs are lit when the wireless radio is turned on.
WPS/FastLane Button Blinks Amber
If, after you use the WPS/FastLane function, the button blinks amber, check the following:
Make sure that you are using the button and not the router’s built-in registrar.
Check that PIN verification succeeded for the wireless device that you are adding to the
wireless network.
Make sure that you have not pressed the WPS/FastLane button on the front of the router
after disabling the WPS/FastLane feature (you logged in to the router and disabled this
feature previously).
Check that the router is not in the temporary AP setup locked state (if you are using the
wireless repeater function).
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