genie BASIC Settings
A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
connection active when there is no Internet activity from the LAN. A value of 0 (zero)
means never log out.
4. Enter the settings for the IP address and DNS server.
The default settings usually work fine. If you have problems with your connection, check
the ISP settings. To change the default settings, do the following:
Internet IP Address: Select one of the following radio buttons:
- Get Dynamically from ISP. Your ISP uses DHCP to assign your IP address. Your
ISP automatically assigns these addresses.
- Use Static IP Address. Enter the IP address, IP subnet mask, and the gateway IP
address that your ISP assigned. The gateway is the ISP’s router to which your
router connects.
Domain Name Server (DNS) Address. The DNS server is used to look up site
addresses based on their names. Select one of the following radio buttons:
- Get Automatically from ISP. Your ISP uses DHCP to assign your DNS servers.
Your ISP automatically assigns this address.
- Use These DNS Servers. If you know that your ISP requires specific servers,
select this radio button. Enter the IP address of your ISP’s primary DNS server. If
a secondary DNS server address is available, enter it also.
Router MAC Address. The Ethernet MAC address that the router uses on the
Internet port. Some ISPs register the MAC address of the network interface card in
your computer when your account is first opened. They accept traffic only from the
MAC address of that computer. This feature allows your router to use your computer’s
MAC address (also called cloning). Select one of the following radio buttons:
- Use Default Address. Use the default MAC address.
- Use Computer MAC Address. The router captures and uses the MAC address of
the computer that you are now using. You have to use the one computer that the
ISP allows.
- Use This MAC Address. Enter the MAC address that you want to use.
5. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.
6. Click the Test button to test your Internet connection.
If the NETGEAR website does not display within one minute, see Chapter 9,
Basic Wireless Settings
You can view or configure the wireless network setup.
The router comes with preset security. This means that the WiFi network name (SSID),
network key (password), and security option (encryption protocol) are preset in the factory.
You can find the preset SSID and password on the product label.
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