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A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
2. Select ADVANCED > Setup > LAN Setup.
3. Enter the following settings:
IP Address. The LAN IP address of the router (by default,
IP Subnet Mask. The LAN subnet mask of the router (by default,
Combined with the IP address, the IP subnet mask allows a device to know which
other addresses are local to it, and which must be reached through a gateway or
RIP Direction. Router Information Protocol (RIP) enables a router to exchange
routing information with other routers. This setting controls how the router sends and
receives RIP packets. Both is the default setting. With the Both or Out Only setting,
the router broadcasts its routing table periodically. With the Both or In Only setting,
the router incorporates the RIP information that it receives.
RIP Version. This setting controls the format and the broadcasting method of the RIP
packets that the router sends. It recognizes both formats when receiving. By default,
the RIP function is disabled. Four RIP versions exist:
- RIP-1 is universally supported. It is adequate for most networks, unless you have
an unusual network setup.
- RIP-2 carries more information. Both RIP-2B and RIP-2M send the routing data in
RIP-2 format.
- RIP-2B uses subnet broadcasting.
- RIP-2M uses multicasting.
4. To set your computers’ IP addresses manually, clear the Use Router as DHCP Server
check box.
NETGEAR recommends that you do not do this. For more information, see Use the
Router as a DHCP Server on page 49.
5. To reserve an IP address for a computer or device on the LAN, in the Address Reservation
section, click the Add button.
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