USB Port
A750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router JR6150
Note: You can select the HTTP (via Internet) check box on the USB
Storage (Advanced Settings) screen to share large files. This option
supports downloading files only.
For more information, see Access Your USB Storage Device Remotely on page 78.
Access Your USB Storage Device Locally
When you connect the USB device to the router USB port, it might take up to two minutes
before it is ready for sharing. By default, the USB storage device is available to all computers
on your local area network (LAN).
To access the USB device from a local Mac computer:
1. Select Go > Connect to Server.
2. Enter smb://readyshare as the server address.
3. Click the Connect button.
To access the USB device from a local Windows computer:
Use any of these methods:
Select Start > Run. Enter \\readyshare in the dialog box and click the OK button.
Open a browser and enter \\readyshare in the address bar.
Open My Network Places and enter \\readyshare in the address bar.
To map the USB device to a local Windows network drive:
1. Visit www.netgear.com/readyshare.
2. In the ReadySHARE USB Storage Access pane, click the PC Utility button.
The readyshareconnect.exe file is downloaded to your computer.
3. Launch readyshareconnect.exe.
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