6reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Turning On and Off
This instrument can be powered by either an AC adaptor or batteries.
Using with the AC Adap-
qEnsure that the [ ] (Standby/On) switch is
set to the standby condition ( ).
wInsert the AC adaptor’s DC plug into the
instrument’s DC IN jack.
ePlug the AC adaptor into a domestic-use, AC
wall socket.
When disconnecting the AC adaptor, turn off
the instrument and then carry out this proce-
dure in reverse order.
If the AC adaptor is connected, it will be used
to power the instrument regardless of
whether or not it contains batteries.
Do not insert or remove the DC plug with the
[ ] (Standby/On) switch set to the On posi-
tion ( ). Failure to observe this precaution
can lead to malfunction.
q[ ] (Standby/On) switch
DC plug
wDC IN jack
AC wall socket
eAC adaptor
Be sure to use only the correct AC adap-
tor (page 48). The use of other adaptors
may damage the instrument, cause it to
overheat, or create a fire hazard. In such a
case, the product warranty will immedi-
ately become void, even if the warranty
period has not yet expired.
Ensure that the included AC adaptor is
plugged into a wall socket at the correct
If your AC adaptor has a detachable plug,
ensure that it is always used and stored
with the plug attached. Inserting only the
plug section into a wall socket can lead to
electric shock or create a fire hazard.
If the plug detaches from your AC adap-
tor, slide it back in until it clicks into
place, taking care to avoid touching any
internal metal parts. Please also ensure
that no foreign objects enter the AC adap-
tor. Failure to observe this precaution can
lead to electric shock, short circuits, or
If you notice anything unusual when using
this instrument in close proximity to a wall
socket, immediately turn it off and remove
the plug from the wall socket.
Insert by sliding in the
direction of the arrow
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