reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Turning On and Off
Using with Batteries
Type AA alkaline, zinc-carbon, or rechargeable
nickel–metal hydride batteries can be used to
power this instrument. However, certain modes
of use can consume large amounts of power, and
therefore, we recommend that you use either
alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
qEnsure that the instrument is turned off.
wPlace the instrument upside down on a soft
cloth or the like, and then remove the battery
eInsert six batteries. When doing so, be sure to
observe the polarity markings in the follow-
ing illustration.
rClose the battery cover.
The instrument behaves as follows when its
batteries become worn.
reface CS
The OSC lamp will flash.
reface DX
The message “Battery Low!” will be dis-
played on-screen.
reface CP
The TYPE lamp will flash.
reface YC
The WAVE lamp will flash.
If you connect or disconnect the AC
power while this instrument is turned on
and powered by batteries, it may turn off.
Please note that any data being recorded
or not yet stored will be lost in such a
We recommend that you replace worn
batteries as soon as possible. Certain
modes of operation, such as when
Speaker Output is turned on, may cause
the batteries to quickly become worn, and
as a result, the instrument may be unable
to function properly. In such a case, all of
the batteries should be either replaced (if
non-rechargeable) or recharged (if
rechargeable). Furthermore, if you intend
to use the instrument for an extended
period of time, we recommend that the AC
adaptor be used to power it.
If you are using rechargeable batteries
and lamps flash or a message is dis-
played to indicate that they have become
worn, immediately recharge the batteries.
Continued use of rechargeable batteries
in this condition has an adverse effect on
their lifespan.
Be sure to use a dedicated charger with
rechargeable batteries. This instrument does
not recharge batteries.
If the AC adaptor is plugged into this instru-
ment while it contains batteries, it will draw
power from the adaptor.
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