10 reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Functions of Front Panel Components
qBuilt-in speakers
For outputting the instrument’s sounds. If
you do not want sound to be output from
these speakers, turn the instrument on while
holding down the D2 key on the keyboard.
See page 41 for details.
No sound will be output from the built-in
speakers when headphones are connected.
w[PITCH BEND] lever
For smoothly varying the pitch of the instru-
ment. The pitch rises when you move the lever
up; it drops when you move the lever down.
By switching the direction in which note
pitches are changed by the [PITCH BEND]
lever, you can produce guitar-like note bending
effects when playing the reface CS as a keytar.
Inverting the pitch bend range makes the pitch
rise when you move the lever down and drop
when you move the lever up. For details, refer
to “Keyboard Settings” (page 41).
e[VOLUME] slider
For adjusting the instrument’s overall vol-
ume. When you move the slider up, the sound
output from the built-in speakers, the OUT-
PUT [R]/[L/MONO] jacks, and the
[PHONES] jack will become louder.
r[OCTAVE] slider
For transposing the keyboard in units of 1
octave. For example, when set to “+,” the
note C4 will be produced when you play C3
on the keyboard (see the illustration above).
The available settings are “++” (2 octaves
up), “+” (1 octave up), “0” (no change in
pitch), “-” (1 octave down), and “--” (2
octaves down).
tLOOPER section
For operating the Phrase Looper, which can
record and play back multiple, overlaid loop
phrases. Phrases containing a maximum of
2,000 notes or ten minutes at 120 BPM can
be temporarily recorded as MIDI data by
using this section. For details on how to use
the Phrase Looper, refer to page 14.
t-2 y-1 y-2 y-3 i-1 o-1 o-2
i-2 i-3
we urty io
C3 C4C2
When you turn off the instrument, all loop
phrases recorded in the Phrase Looper will
be lost.
If the total number of notes produced simulta-
neously by the Phrase Looper and by playing
the keyboard exceeds eight, the older ones
stop playing (priority is given to the newest).
reface CS
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