reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Functions of Front Panel Components
oFILTER section
For setting the filter.
o-1. [CUTOFF] slider
For setting the cutoff frequency of the low-
pass filter (LPF; 24 dB per octave). The
sound can be brightened by moving the slider
up, or darkened by moving it down.
o-2. [RESONANCE] slider
For setting the resonance, which changes the
character of the sound. This effect can be
made more pronounced by moving the slider
up and less pronounced by moving it down.
!0EG section
By using the Envelope Generator (EG), you
can adjust the level (volume) of all elements
of the sound from attack to release.
!0-1. EG Balance slider
For changing the degree to which the Filter
Envelope Generator (FEG) and the Ampli-
tude Envelope Generator (AEG) affect the
sound by adjusting the balance between
them. The effect of the FEG can be maxi-
mized by moving the slider all the way up.
The effect of the AEG can be maximized by
moving the slider all the way down. The FEG
will have no effect in this position. The FEG
and AEG will each affect the sound by the
same amount when the slider is in the middle
!0-2 to !0-5. [A][D][S][R] sliders
For adjusting the attack time (A), decay time
(D), sustain level (S), and release time (R) of
the FEG and AEG.
!1EFFECT section
For setting the instrument’s effects.
!1-1. [TYPE] slider
For selecting either DIST (Distortion), CHO/
FLA (Chorus/Flanger), PHASER, DELAY,
or OFF. In the OFF position, the sound passes
through without being affected in any way.
!1-2. [DEPTH] slider
For setting the effect depth (how much it
affects the sound).
!1-3. [RATE] slider
For setting the tone when the EFFECT sec-
tion’s [TYPE] slider is set to “DIST”; the rate
when it is set to “CHO/FLA” or “PHASER”;
or the delay time when it is set to “DELAY.”
Take special care when lowering the cutoff
frequency at a high resonance setting. This
action can damage the speakers.
Key on Key off
Attack Decay
AEG Depth FEG Depth
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