14 reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Using the Phrase Looper
The Phrase Looper can be used to record and play loop phrases. With this feature,
you can overdub to record multiple phrases on top of one another, or you can choose
loop playback to repeat the recorded phrases over and over. In addition to changing
the tempo after making a recording, the Phrase Looper on the reface CS lets you
control the sound using the sliders from other sections such as OSC, FILTER, and
Playing with the Phrase
The Phrase Looper can record up to 2,000 notes
or ten minutes at 120 BPM.
Starting a new loop
phrase recording
1. Get the Phrase Looper
qSet the LOOPER slider to “CLEAR.”
Any currently recorded loop phrases will
be deleted, and the Phrase Looper will be
set up for recording a new loop phrase.
2. Record the first phrase.
qSet the LOOPER slider to “REC.”
The Phrase Looper is set to Recording
Standby. In time with the tempo, a guide
sound is produced and the “REC” lamp
You can adjust the tempo by using the
[TEMPO] slider.
The guide sound is produced only when
recording the first phrase. If you do not
wish to hear the guide sound, move the
LOOPER slider from “CLEAR” to
“PLAY” before setting it to “REC.”
The current voice is used for the guide
sound. If you change the voice by using
the sliders, the guide sound also changes.
wPlay the phrase you wish to record by
using the keyboard.
When recording the first phrase, the
instrument will start recording as soon as
you play the first note. On the reface CS,
the Key-on Start function is the only way
to start recording in this situation.
When recording starts, the “REC” lamp
will light up and the “PLAY” lamp will
eWhen you wish to end recording, set the
LOOPER slider to “PLAY.”
Recording will stop, and the recorded
phrase will start to play as a loop. During
loop playback, the “PLAY” lamp will
flash in time with the tempo. The guide
sound is not produced during loop play-
Loop phrases will be lost when this instrument is
turned off.
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