16 reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Functions of Front Panel Components
qBuilt-in speakers
For outputting the instrument’s sounds. If
you do not want sound to be output from
these speakers, turn the instrument on (page
8) while holding down the D2 key on the key-
board. See page 41 for details.
No sound will be output from the built-in
speakers when headphones are connected.
You can also press the [FUNCTION] button to
call up the System Settings screen and change
the Speaker Output setting.
w[PITCH BEND] lever
For smoothly varying the pitch of the instru-
ment. The pitch rises when you move the
lever up; it drops when you move the lever
down. Pitch bend can be set for individual
By switching the direction in which note
pitches are changed by the [PITCH BEND]
lever, you can produce guitar-like note bend-
ing effects when playing the reface DX as a
keytar. Inverting the pitch bend range makes
the pitch rise when you move the lever down
and drop when you move the lever up.
On the reface DX, pitch bend settings can be
changed by using the [FUNCTION] button.
e[VOLUME] slider
For adjusting the instrument’s overall vol-
ume. When you move the slider up, the sound
output from the built-in speakers, the OUT-
PUT [R]/[L/MONO] jacks, and the
[PHONES] jack will become louder.
r[OCTAVE] slider
For moving the range of notes covered by the
keyboard in units of 1 octave. For example,
when set to “+,” the note C4 will be produced
when you play C3 on the keyboard (see the
illustration above). The available settings are
“++” (2 octaves up), “+” (1 octave up), “0”
(no change in pitch), “-” (1 octave down),
and “--” (2 octaves down).
tDATA ENTRY section
t-1. Touch-type sliders or switches
By flicking, tapping, or tapping and holding
these four touch-sensitive areas, which oper-
ate as sliders or switches, you can adjust val-
ues and change settings. The screen on the
right shows the parameters that can be set.
Thanks to multi-touch support, meanwhile,
you can simultaneously control up to four
t-1 t-2
wer t
reface DX
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