reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Using the Phrase Looper
Recording will stop, and the recorded
phrase will play as a loop. The guide
sound is not produced during loop play-
During loop playback, the slider and the
[LOOPER] button will flash in time with
the tempo, and the current beat will be dis-
played on-screen together with the total
number of recorded beats. In addition, the
position indicator at the top of the display
allows you to confirm the current position
during loop playback.
3. Record an overdub.
The recording of overdubs will begin as soon
as you tap “REC.” The guide sound is not
produced when overdubbing.
qTap “REC” or “REC START.”
wPlay the phrase you wish to overdub on
the keyboard along with the phrase(s) cur-
rently being played.
eWhen you wish to end recording, tap
Recording will stop, and the recorded,
overdubbed phrases will play as a loop.
If necessary, you can repeat the overdubbing
Changing the sound of loop
You can use the FM and VOICE SELECT/
EDIT sections to control the sound of the
recorded loop phrases as you play them back.
Regardless of the screen currently displayed,
the [LOOPER] button will continue to flash
during looped playback.
Stopping loop phrases
Tap the “STOP” switch.
Looped playback of the phrases will be
When you wish to restart a paused phrase, tap
the “PLAY” switch.
Recorded phrases start from the beginning
when played as loops.
Deleting loop phrases
Recorded loop phrases can be deleted by tap-
ping the “CLEAR” switch with loop-phrase
playback stopped.
This will delete all recorded phrases.
When you stop playback of the first phrase, the
Phrase Looper is set to Recording Standby. If
you tap “REC START” in that condition, the
Key-on Start function starts recording.
Once you reach 2,000 events, the message
“Looper Memory Full” is displayed on-screen
and no additional events are recorded after
tapping “REC.”
If you exceed the maximum polyphony, the
older notes will be overwritten with newer
notes (priority is given to the newest).
Progress indicator
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