32 reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Functions of Front Panel Components
qBuilt-in speakers
For outputting the instrument’s sounds. If
you do not want sound to be output from
these speakers, turn the instrument on while
holding down the D2 key on the keyboard.
See page 41 for details.
No sound will be output from the built-in
speakers when headphones are connected.
For switching the rotary speaker speed. Mov-
ing the lever up or down changes the setting
between “FAST” (fast rotation), “SLOW”
(slow rotation), “STOP” (no rotation), and
“OFF” (no effect applied).
To switch from “SLOW” to “FAST”:
Move up once.
To switch from “SLOW” to “OFF”:
Move down twice.
e[VOLUME] slider
For adjusting the instrument’s overall vol-
ume. When you move the slider up, the sound
output from the built-in speakers, the OUT-
PUT [R]/[L/MONO] jacks, and the
[PHONES] jack will become louder.
r[OCTAVE] slider
For transposing the keyboard in units of 1
octave. For example, when set to “+,” the
note C4 will be produced when you play C3
on the keyboard (see the illustration above).
The available settings are “++” (2 octaves
up), “+” (1 octave up), “0” (no change in
pitch), “-” (1 octave down), and “--” (2
octaves down).
qw e rt y
y-1 y-2 y-3 y-4 y-5 y-6
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