reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Voice Setting Examples
The following settings are recommended for the reface YC.
H Type 1
These settings can be used in rock, jazz, and a wide range of other musical genres. You might like to
move the [4’] slider up for a more refined sound or to move each of the [2 2/3’], [2’], [1 3/5’], [1 1/3’],
and [1’] sliders down to produce a brighter sound characteristic of rock music. Try both SLOW and
FAST rotary speeds, and add distortion and reverb to taste.
H Type 2
Settings like these are often used for bossa nova and reggae music. The fact that the H-type organ pro-
duces no [1’] tones when percussion is turned on is a distinctive feature of this sound. Turning percus-
sion on and off while playing allows the [1’] tones to be added and removed in a unique way.
V Type
These settings are ideal for psychedelic rock and the like. Try raising the DIST setting to increase the
F Type
Ideal settings for an alternative rock band with a slightly vintage sound. Try raising the DIST setting to
increase the distortion.
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