40 reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Restoring the Factory Default Settings
(Factory Reset)
When you do a Factory Reset, all parameters will be returned to their factory default
Using the Factory Reset
qWhile holding down the rightmost key on the
keyboard, turn on the instrument.
reface CS, reface CP, and reface
The instrument’s lamps will flash.
reface DX
The message “Factory reset” will be dis-
played on-screen.
When the Factory Reset has finished, the
lamps will stop flashing or the message will
wWhen the lamps stop flashing or the message
is no longer displayed, remove your finger
from the keyboard.
reface DX:
You can also use the [FUNCTION] button to do
a Factory Reset.
qSelect the Job screen by pressing the [FUNC-
TION] button.
wTap the “FCTRY RESET” switch.
A confirmation message will be displayed
eTap the “YES” switch.
All parameters will be returned to their fac-
tory default settings.
reface DX only:
All settings stored on the instrument by using the [FUNCTION] button will be overwritten
with their factory defaults when you do a Factory Reset.
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