reface CS/DX/CP/YC Owner’s Manual
Keyboard Settings
To make the keyboard settings described below, hold down the corresponding key on the keyboard and
press the [ ] (Standby/On) switch. If the instrument is turned on, you will need to turn it off once to
make settings in this way.
Each setting is toggled on and off, etc. whenever this procedure is carried out. However, when you have
set the Auto Power-Off function to off (disabled), you will need to do a Factory Reset to turn in back on
Keyboard settings are retained when the instrument is turned off.
On the reface DX, these settings can also be made by using the [FUNCTION] button. For details, refer
to “Functions of Front Panel Components” for the reface DX (page 16).
Auto Power-Off
ON (enabled): To conserve power, the instrument will turn off automatically after 30 minutes of
off (disabled): The instrument will not turn off automatically.
For details, refer to “Auto Power-Off” (page 8).
Factory default setting: ON (enabled)
Display when turned off (disabled)
CS The lamps from the LOOPER section flash.
DX “Auto power off disabled” is displayed on-screen.
CP The [TYPE] knob’s Clv lamp and the lamps from the TREMOLO/WAH to D.DELAY/A.DELAY
sections flash.
YC The ROTARY SPEED lamps flash.
Setting Confirmation
C2 D2 E2 F2 G2 A2 B2 C5
Pitch-bend Range Inversion
Transmit Channel
Local Control
MIDI Control
Speaker Output
Auto Power-Off
Factory Reset
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